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Condenser Model # DXTH24C426A-23

Air Handler Model # DXTH24E426A-23

This Full DC Inverter, Heat-Pump, Single-Zone Mini-Split has 24,000 BTU in capacity. It is rated 20 SEER / 20 SEER2 for its high electrical efficiency, and works with a power supply source of 208~230V/1Ph/60Hz. Plus, it is pre-charged with R410A; a nontoxic, nonflammable refrigerant which does not contribute to ozone depletion.

To facilitate installation, this Mini-Split includes a Full Installation Kit which includes the condenser and evaporator units, a control remote, interconnection cables, and about 9ft / 3m of copper connecting pipes for a standard installation.

To assure you of the highest quality standards, this product is AHRI Approved and certified with the ETL Mark. Plus, thanks to its high energy efficiency, it is Energy Star certified. Consult your local laws for energy efficiency rebates and subsidies.

This Mini-Split Series Features:

  • Wi-Fi Technology. Connect your mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, through the internet to your Mini-split and control it whenever, wherever.
  • Smart Inverter. Can save you up to 75% energy, while reaching the set temperature faster.
  • BlueFin Technology. Provides coil protection against corrosion in environments where traditional coatings fail.
  • 4-Step Air Purification. Oxidized ions are diffused into the air through the coil system, colliding with bacteria and viruses to inactivate their protein structures and counter airborne toxins.
  • Smart Airflow. Up to 37% bigger flap size blows upwards, further, and wider cool air to create immersive experience.
  • Clean Effortlessly. Its intuitive cleaning design makes it simpler to take apart and reassemble. Filter, vanes, plate, and flap easily disassemble and fit back together for easy manual cleaning.
  • Winter Proof. This mini split can operate at full capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as 20°F/-6.7°C, and can operate at half capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -13°F/-25°C.

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